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Require a replacement oil tank or assistance with an existing oil tank?

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We have the expertise to replace most tanks, either with or without lifting equipment.

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We have over 20 years of experience providing replacement services and more.

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Proudly endorsed by 95% of customers on Which? Trusted Traders.

Oil Tank Replacements in Derby

Replacing an oil tank is an important decision for households and business owners. Having an oil tank that’s in good working order will help you avoid environmental hazards and expensive repairs in the future. Plus, with improvements in tank technology and stronger regulations, we always encourage our customers to recognise when a replacement tank is required and are on hand to explain what options exist.

We often find that people underestimate the importance of timely oil tank replacements. Tanks can rust or leak over time, potentially contaminating soil and reducing energy efficiency. While the cost of investing in a new oil tank replacement can vary, investing in a new tank can save you money in the long run and provide you with peace of mind for many years. By choosing an up-to-date, high-quality tank, you can protect both your property and the environment.

At The Oil Tank Company, our team are proud to provide specialised, high-quality services in and around the Derby area. We are also a Kingspan Titan and OFTEC-approved oil tank installation company, so you can have confidence that you’re in safe hands. Contact our support team for assistance with all of your oil tank needs, including installation and removal services.

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Oil Tank Services Since 2003

Replacing an oil tank typically comprises of several essential steps, such as understanding the need for replacement, knowing the various tank types available, and spotting failure signs and symptoms. Structural integrity is a major concern of older oil tanks; as aged tanks can rust and corrode over time, posing leakage and environmental risks. By inspecting these areas, you can ensure that your oil heating system runs safely and efficiently.

As an expert in this field, we’ve been providing emergency callouts, replacement services and more in Derby for over 20 years. Our team are also delighted to be recommended by 95% of our clients on Which? Trusted Traders.

Let The Oil Tank Company help you with all of your oil tank needs in Derby and the surrounding areas. Please contact us to learn more about our services and to book a consultation.

Our Services

We take pride in delivering quality services to meet all your oil tank needs.

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We are recommended by 95% of customers on Which? Trusted Traders.

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We are a Kingspan Titan & OFTEC approved oil tank installation expert.

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We undertake work for domestic, industrial & commercial customers.

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From Minor Maintenance to Full Tank Installations

Every year, we install top-quality oil tanks ranging from 750 litres to 40,000 litres across various properties, utilising our own HIABs and diggers to ensure precise completion of the job.

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