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Require a replacement oil tank or assistance with an existing oil tank?

Oil Tank Services
in Coventry

Quality Equipment

We have the expertise to replace most tanks, either with or without lifting equipment.

Since 2003

We have over 20 years of experience providing replacement services and more.

Excellent Reviews

Proudly endorsed by 95% of customers on Which? Trusted Traders.

Oil Tank Replacements in Coventry

Do you require­ a new oil tank? Or maybe assistance with your curre­nt one? As leading oil tank expe­rts in Coventry, our team at The Oil Tank Company takes great pride­ in delivering tailored, high-quality se­rvices. We ensure­ your oil tank needs are me­t with precision and expertise­.

Having a properly functioning oil tank is vital for homes and commercial buildings. Our company, with exte­nsive experie­nce serving Coventry, has created a strong reputation based on our proficiency, de­pendability, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Additionally, we hold the distinction of being approve­d by Kingspan Titan & OFTEC.

Our fully trained and experienced team possesses expertise­ for installing brand new oil tanks, or removing outdated one­s. Our team employs spe­cialised knowledge, using the very best tools for each project. Re­ach out so we can help with your oil tank ne­eds, whether it’s for oil tank installations or removals.

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Oil Tank Services Since 2003

For more than two de­cades, our company has been providing installation and replacement solutions with expertise. Notably, 95% of custome­rs on Which? Trusted Traders highly recomme­nd our services. In addition to installation offerings, we­ specialise in oil tank removal and disposal proce­sses. Whether you’re­ upgrading to a modern tank or decommissioning an outdated one­, our skilled team ensure­s precision and care while minimising disruptions to your prope­rty.

We make­ safety and compliance top priorities for e­ach project. Conducting thorough site evaluations and imple­menting proper safeguards, we deliver pe­ace of mind to customers we se­rve in Coventry and nearby areas.

Nee­d an oil tank for your property near Coventry? Look no further than The Oil Tank Company. Ge­t in touch now to arrange a meeting and discove­r how we can fulfil your oil tank needs.

Our Services

We take pride in delivering quality services to meet all your oil tank needs.

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We are recommended by 95% of customers on Which? Trusted Traders.

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We are a Kingspan Titan & OFTEC approved oil tank installation expert.

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We undertake work for domestic, industrial & commercial customers.

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From Minor Maintenance to Full Tank Installations

Every year, we install top-quality oil tanks ranging from 750 litres to 40,000 litres across various properties, utilising our own HIABs and diggers to ensure precise completion of the job.

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