Oil tank services

Our oil tank services cover everything from minor maintenance to full tank replacement.

Our skilled and experienced staff can help you resolve any oil tank problems

We can help you with all your oil tank requirements. See our range of services to find out how we can help you. We cover oil tank replacement, pipe work, tank bases, oil tank disposal, oil tank pump out and any oil tank emergency.

Leaking oil tank?

Do you have an oil tank leak, a badly corroded or cracked tank? Call us on 01780 782255 for a quotation.

Here are some examples of the kinds of issues we help our customers with every day.

This is a cross section of a steel oil tank showing just how far the corrosion had eaten into the metal and how close the tank had come to failing.

Luckily this plastic tank had split on the top so there was no loss of oil.

oil tank replacement

Not sure if you need to replace your oil tank? Call us on 01780 782255 for advice and help.

We have the expertise to replace most tanks either with or without lifting equipment.

oil tank bases

Need a new site for your oil tank? We can build new bases or replace existing bases.

Oil tank disposal

Need to dispose of your old oil tank?

All old oil tanks are drained down and the fuel residue recycled. The tanks are cut up and also recycled so that nothing goes into landfill. We carry all relevant waste certificates required.

Oil tank pump out

Need to empty your oil tank?

The Oil Tank Company can remove and dispose of the contents of an old tank. The contents are disposed of correctly and are recycled so do not go into land fill. In certain cases an oil tank can become contaminated with water/sludge. We can often remove and dispose of the contaminants.

Oil tank off set fill pipes

We provide a complete end to end service, this includes setting up any required off set fill pipes.

An off set fill pipe is a pipe which allows the tanker to fill an oil tank when the tanker hose is not long enough to reach the tank. An off set fill pipe comes off the tank and is terminated where the tanker hose can reach it so that it can fill the tank. We also supply and install steel pipework.